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Thank you for reading—I hope you enjoyed it! Looking at her and admiring her well-endowed figure, Jiraiya collapsed at her side, panting like a dog. The more he felt her, the harder he got; his pants ready to burst as she moaned his name loudly. Dreaming of You Amused by her flustered state, Jiraiya heeded her request, lips closing over her firm peak as he took it into his mouth and began suckling. Each of her movements, each of her noises, each of her licks, each of her hesitations, each of her lingering breaths; he could feel, hear, taste, see and smell her as if she were intoxicating him from within. This sparked the sage's interest, though before he could say anything, Tsunade's lips were on his and she was pinning him onto the floor, smirk wavering.

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Amused and aroused by her irresistible manner, Jiraiya lay on the floor, allowing the blond woman to straddle him as her breasts hung over him; simply too tempting with her nipple jutting out the way they were. She stole a gasp of air, inhaling sharply. Save Me from Myself 7. He dipped his fingers into her cleavage, scissoring between them and making Tsunade shiver with eagerness, eyes glazed with a hungering yearning. Raising an inquisitive eyebrow, Jiraiya asked, "What book?


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