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The Many Uses Of A Towing Service

Everyone behind the wheel of an automobile surely knows exactly what a towing service or tow company is? However for those who don’t understand what these services are, they are basically emergency road service operators that offer a host of services when required. The towing service works for either a public or private company. When a car needs to be towed there are usually two types of towing firms: one is an emergency towing service while the other is an on-call towing service. And since there are quite a few different reasons why vehicles need to be towed, companies have developed their own specific offering based around them.

There are a lot of situations where towing services are required. These may include flat tires, mechanical failures, hit and runs, bad weather and more. All of these situations can call for immediate professional help. For instance, a flat tire may require the use of a towing truck with a jack in order to safely remove the vehicle from the street. There are even towing trucks that can tow long and wide trailers.

Towing services also perform maintenance duties on vehicles. Some services include cleaning the air conditioner filter, changing the oil, and installing new alternators or belts. Towing trucks can also change out headlights, brake pads, tires, and more. If there’s something wrong with your vehicle, you can expect a tow truck to come and fix it for you. There are even towing service companies that will tow your car in order to diagnose and repair any problems that might arise.

Some towing service companies actually specialize in certain makes of vehicles. If your car breaks down or you need to have major engine repairs, you can expect a towing service to come and look at your vehicle. Major appliances like refrigerators, computers and dishwashers usually require towing service if they fail in the city.

Other common objects used by towing services include tree stumps, large objects like telephone poles, and yard gates. Yard gates are commonly used to block off access to roads in the case of an emergency. Tree stumps can be removed by a truck equipped with a powerful hydraulic arm. A towing service will often carry out a “job” of this sort. However, large objects like telephone poles sometimes require more special equipment. In the case of these objects, a special cable is usually used to pull them using a rope.

These are just a few examples of the common objects that can be handled by a towing service. Although many people think of towing services as simply towing cars, this is not the only type of work they do. Many different types of roadside assistance vehicles are available to meet any customer’s needs. If you are in an emergency situation, never take an impulsive decision and contact a towing service right away.

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