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The Importance of Community Building
Having a community that is strongly positive is essential for each person. Building a rapport that is strong with community peers can make an impact that is positive in what is going on in a community regarding the happiness of each person. People who come together and have one voice in a given opinion is stronger when compared to one voice that stands on its own.
A person being a part of a given community offers opportunities that are unique for individuals to learn from one another and offer support together with encouragement are a part of joining forces with peers. A community having support enables people to offer support to other people.
Community building is an essential process that is essential that n fostering connections among people and lead to the creation of infrastructures for the connections to take place.
Community building assists in fostering connections. People being human beings and the processes of socialization takes place in spaces in the community. Some of the spaces are churches, families, workplaces, and schools.
Individuals do not like the feeling of being alone in experiencing what they are going through and thus, such people look to connect with other people about things, topics that are essential to the community and what they have in common with other people. Mum
Currently in the world, more and more individuals feel the requirement of creating more connections that are meaningful, finding and offering support to other people especially the ones who they can build relationships.
Building communities is a process that is essential which Foster’s connections among people and leads to the creation of connections that assist different people.
Building community is a process whose focus is not only on fostering connections among people, but also provides a space that is collective for sharing experiences. In such a case the act of sharing will be a practice that is empowering which can turn into a inspiration, motivation, support and learning practice for individuals in the community.
One of the main concerns of community building is learning collectively. The sharing act can be a practice that is empowering and also a main source of learning collectively. Spaces in the community results in exchanges that will go on between members , sharing experiences which will in turn be sharing knowledge and most of the times systems for production.
Community building is effective in growth that is collective. Learning collectively means people in the community will have a growth that is collective. Activities in the community, dialogues, conversations that are open, support that is mutual, sharing experiences and knowledge most of the times is a translation of learning and growing collectively.
Spaces in the community provide a chance of exchange that goes on. By getting different opinions, perspectives, expertise and experiences people in a community have a chance of advancing knowledge and benefit from the journey of different people.
Community building evolves around experience. Even though it is hard to have a definition that is unified it is not hard to notice that community building has to do with the experiences of people in the community.

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